Putting the ALE in vALEmount

A small town brewery making big flavour beer

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Pride in Local Brewing

At Three Ranges Brewing Company we brew the beers we like to drink. We use the finest ingredients we can find, sourced as locally as possible, to make the biggest flavour beers we can. Our beers range from light and refreshing to dark and roasty to hoppy and hoppier. It’s easy to find your flavour. Go on a taste exploration or ask our knowledgable server to find your favourite style. Enjoy!

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Pride in local brewing and Bringing great craft beer to the hinterlands of BC



On December 6th, 2013, we christened the taps of vALEmount’s first brewery. That day began the journey that is Three Ranges Brewing Company. It’s all about crafting the beer we love and sharing it with our friends and our soon to be friends. Come for a visit; bring your love or curiosity for beer and an open palette. We’ll do our best to satiate.

  • Co-Founder

  • Co-Founder


It all started with Michael’s first trip to the mountains of Valemount. "This place is amazing, but what does one do for work?" One solution is to create your own job. Rundi, his wife said, “You drink enough beer, why don’t you make it?”
This became their long term dream.

Awesome place. Even better beer.