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Snow Dance Porter
Available October - March

Chocolatey Caress, Voluptuous Malt Body

The weather turns colder and the fall rains begin.  The chill of winter starts to set in.  That is when our thoughts turn to the joy of snow. A full on blast of chocolatey malt and the slightest hint of hops bitterness – this baltic porter will keep you warm as you wile your toes doing a little snow dance in your parka.


Canadian Pale, ESB Malt, Crystal 15, Roasted Barley


Dark brown to black


Northern Brewer

”This is a nice one. Toasty, roasty, chocolatey.”

- Marianne



Tail Slap IPA

Citrus, Hoppy, Hoppy, Hoppy

The beaver opened up Canada to the world and took it on the chin as trappers and traders almost drove the species to extinction. But the beaver didn’t get mad. It got angry. Our Tail Slap India pale Ale is the liquid embodiment of that quintessential fighting spirit. With a Schwak-load of bittering hops, a solid malt backbone, and tart citrus aroma it is perfectly suited for the disenfranchised.


Canadian Pale, Blend of Crystal Malts, Flaked Barley, Chocolate


Amber to Orange


Simcoe, Bravo, Zythos, Citra, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace

”Great IPA. Nicely balanced. Tons of citrus flavour.”

- Warren



Upswift Creek Pilsner

Light and Refreshing

Going up Swift Creek is a crisp, refreshing adventure. The finest BC malted grains provide the sweetness of a classic pilsner with a hoppy Northwest twist. So clean and classy it’ll make you put your feet up and forget the paddle you lost.

This beer was inspired by the creek we draw our water from; the original name for Valemount – Swift Creek; and the feeling one gets when in a spot of trouble. But if you sit back with a cold one, maybe it’ll work itself out.


Pilsner, Vienna, Cara-Pils


Straw to Golden


Nugget, Willamette

”Crisp clean pilsner. Great beer.”

- Z P



Derailed Pale Ale

Balanced and Smooth

Just as you’re picking up steam, a piece of paper can fly in the door and knock the track out from under you.  Silly, eh?  Not to be taken off course, we present the Derailed Pale Ale – the same great beer as Mile *50-1 with a new name.  A wonderfully hoppy pale ale with no more bitterness than before and the same beautiful aroma.  (*Do the math, because it’s the number we can’t legally use)


Canadian Pale, Flaked and Malted Oats, Rye Malt, Crystal 15, Chocolate


Golden Pale to Amber


Columbus, Glacier, Chinook, Centennial, Calypso

”Nice balance of citrus, floral and grassy.”

- Ian



Sacrifice Red Ale

Northwest, Slight Roast, Balanced

This red ale is dedicated to service members past, present , future and especially to those who gave all. The colour red is for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. The malt sweetness signifies making it through the toughest of battles, balanced by the bitterness of the price paid to get there. Finally, a citrus aroma to go with the lemon of a deal being handed out by our governments! Contact your local MP today and let them know that you support your troops!

As a US Army vet this issue is close to owner/brewmaster Michael’s heart. Both Canada and US governments cut veterans’ benefits and services in early 2014. We decided to act. A portion of all sales of Sacrifice Red goes toward selected soldiers, veteran’s and family member charities. On Red Friday’s at our taproom, we match all the money in the tip jar and add it to our monthly donation.


ESB Malt, Carared, Blend of Crystal Malts, Roasted Barley


Amber to Blood Red


Galena, Falconers Flight, Centennial

”Nice biscuity malt; hoppy finish makes it squarely an American-style red.”

- Jason


Watch for our rotating seasonal tap. Get your favourite while it lasts.



Unkindness Oatmeal Stout

Roasty, Malty

Oatmeal Sweetness with a roasty note and a solid malt body.


Canadian Pale, Flaked Oats, Crystal 120, Roasted Barley


Black and Blacker



”I know how to spot a good oatmeal stout and this is one.”

- Marc



Swamp Donkey Brown Ale
Available April - September

Robust, Smooth, Chocolate

If you held up a picture of a moose ‘round these parts, you might get a “Nice swamp donkey.” The moose is the second largest land animal in North America and our brown ale salutes the big beast. Robust and smooth, like a shaving of dark chocolate, this beer has a caramel roundness and dark brown colour. Now show your donkey some love!


Canadian Pale, ESB Malt, Crystal 120, Chocolate Malt, Wheat Malt


Chocolatey Brown


Galena, Cascade

”Brown hoppy ale. Perfect combo. And it's brewed in Valemount... Valemount!!”

- Damian



Alpenglow Amber Ale

Light, Malty

A beautiful Amber Ale with a light body and a well-balanced malt flavour.

Alpenglow is the red glowing band illuminating the mountains when the sun is just below the opposite horizon. In our case, it is also the amber-red goodness glowing from within a full glass of this beautiful beer. What a way to relax in the spring mountain air after a day well-spent in the great outdoors!


Canadian Pale, Crystal 120, Victory Malt, Flaked Barley




Bravo, Sorachi Ace, Simcoe

”The tiny hint of roast rounds this amber out, and makes a solid beer in this small brewery’s seasonal line-up.”

- Jedediah



Mudbogger Dark Lager

Malty, Hint of Smoke

As winter retreats, the spring thaw begins. Creeks and rivers swell as the snow melt makes everything wet. Mudbogger Dark Lager’s subtle hint of smoked malt conjures thoughts of the last fires of the season; and the colour, lighter than our winter ales, reflects the longer days of spring. Mountain folk aren’t afraid of a little mud. Pull on your gumboots and get out in the muck!


Canadian Pale, Roasted barley, Blend of Crystal malts, Cara-Pils, German Smoked Malt


Brown to Deep Brown


Northern Brewer

”Light body, well-balanced dark lager. A great transition into spring!”

- Denise



Roll in the Hay Hefeweisen

Roll in the Hay Hefeweisen – is a wild romp of a hefeweisen. This wheat beer has beautiful cloudiness, a spicy clove aroma and a citrusy finish. At the end of those long hot days, when the work is done, take the time to kick back and enjoy this refreshing summer delight. Note: A roll in the hay is best enjoyed with a friend.


Canadian Pale, Wheat Malt


Cloudy Straw


Northern Brewer, Citra

”Three Ranges Brewery offers the finest beers I’ve ever tasted.”

- George



Little Bee Honey Ale

Little Bee Honey Ale – A mildly bittered pale ale finished with beautiful BC honey. This beer was made with the plight of the honeybee in mind. The honey these wonderful creatures produce provides a subtle but lingering sweetness. Floral hops were chosen to remind us what amazing things these little girls do.

Watch for our specialty ales. Past favourites include Just the Tip Spruce Ale, Double Slap Double IPA, XPA, saison


Canadian Pale, Crystal 60, Flaked Barley


Straw to Golden


Galena, Centennial, Glacier

”Canadian beer at it's bitiest!”

- Crystal

Awesome place. Even better beer.